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Tell us a bit about your previous experience in marketing...

I recently graduated (2022) with a Masters in Digital Marketing and Data Analytics from IPAG online business school based in Paris. During this time I also worked in marketing for a small teaching and childcare agency in Lyon.

These two experiences ignited my interest in digital marketing and I am excited to take this to the next level as a Digital Marketer with Beyond agency!

What are you passionate about?

I am passionate about travel, life is too short to stay in one place forever! There are so many amazing places to visit and there is no feeling quite like the one when you arrive in a new city or country for the first time 🌏

Tell us about a goal you'd like to achieve

I think my biggest goal in life is to feel happy and fulfilled in all areas of my life. Meaningful friendships, spending quality time with family and working in a role where I feel inspired and motivated everyday are super important to me.

We're big fans of seeing the world - what's the best place you've visited?

The most beautiful place I have visited has to be the Philippines. There is nowhere like it in the world - beautiful beaches, palm-tree lined roads, breathtaking sunsets and amazing people. This was my first time visiting SE Asia and I was definitely blown away!

What's your favourite food?

This is a difficult one, I am a big foodie and I love trying new things. I think right now my favourite foods have to be sushi 🍣 ramen, gyoza, pad thai - anything that comes from Asia! 

What are you reading/watching/learning?

I am loving Colleen Hoover at the moment; her books are difficult to put down and always leave me wanting to read more.

I have also just started Peaky Blinders on Netflix (very late to the party I know!). I like reading anything that will open up my mind to new ways of thinking and living life; ‘The Code of the Extraordinary Mind’ and ‘Atomic Habits’ are my most recent favourites. 

Tell us a fun fact about yourself

I moved to Lyon (known as the food capital of France) in the middle of the pandemic and I spent 10 months there before I could even go to a restaurant. It was worth the wait though! 😋

Personal tagline/favourite quote?

‘Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.’

Share a link to your favourite Spotify playlist!

I love a chill acoustic playlist when I’m working - Ziggy Alberts, James Bay, Dermot Kennedy, Tom Odell. But in the gym I love dance music - anything to get me motivated.

Soundtrack to life!

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