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Content Strategy

Content is crucial for creating compelling stories that attract the right people and activate engagement.

But to bring the desired results, content requires consistency. It requires a tone of voice that is appropriate for your brand and audience. And it requires a plan of attack.

You can't just open a Google doc and expect the first thing that comes to mind to be the right solution. That's why we've created a thorough content strategy to guide you through creating that tone, messaging and plan of attack.

We begin with a content workshop to define your voice and craft a way to speak to the world. We do this by looking at 5 core areas:

  1. Your tone of voice - how your content 'speaks'. Are you serious and formal or light-heart and playful? Perhaps daring and bold or humorous and sarcastic.
  2. Buyer personas - who your content speaks to. For example, your tone may differ slightly when addressing clients vs investors.
  3. Content goals - what your content serves to do. Is it landing page web copy aimed at conversions or is it long-form blog content aimed at showcasing expertise, sharing insights and gaining organic visibility?
  4. Generating content ideas - where and when your content will appear. Thinking about content goals will influence the placement of content and your publishing calendar.
  5. Optimising for SEO - why your content exists. How will your audience find this content? Keyword research should guide content creation.

Following our workshop, we'll craft a bespoke content strategy for your website and marketing.

Since we believe in a collaborative approach, we'll present our content strategy to you and your team before receiving the seal of approval to move onto production.

Content Creation

Here's the exciting part!

We'll take your content strategy and begin creation, following our proven process:

  • Research - knowledge gathering around a topic, keywords and competitors
  • Content brief - an outline of the content to be produced (like listing the chapter titles of a book)
  • Draft - the first version of content production
  • Refining - amending content for depth and fluidity
  • Proofing - a read over with fresh eyes to ensure technical accuracy
  • Review - an opportunity for you to provide feedback
  • Edit - acting on feedback to create the final version
  • Publish - sharing content with the big wide world (webpage, blog, newsletter, socials, etc.)

Content Optimisation

No content should be left alone to dwindle and die! It should be regularly reviewed to ensure it performs at its best.

For clients who partner with us for ongoing marketing support, we use a combination of free tools and advanced, paid software, to monitor and track content performance.

We report on metrics such as position tracking and organic visibility for SEO-driven content and engagement for social media content. This means we're able to see which type of content is performing the best.

We update and optimise your content frequently using a variety of metrics to establish where there is room for improvement.

Our approach

3 Pillars of Content Writing

Finding your voice

Defining a tone of voice and creating a content plan is crucial to creating content that makes an impact, more so for crafting evergreen content which needs extensive thought and research before putting pen to paper.

Crafting powerful content

Our proven process ensures we create relevant, industry-leading content that is optimised to meet your goals.

Optimising performance

For content longevity, regular reviews and updates are super-important! Keeping content fresh and relevant will improve your chances of outperforming competitors' efforts.


Can you write content for my website?

Absolutely! We're a content-first digital agency so website copywriting runs simultaneously with our website strategy phase. This ensures that your website wireframes reflect the level and depth of content required on each page before we begin designing, as opposed to us designing a pretty-looking website and making the content fit.

How do you write content for topics if you don't know about them?

We have a team of fantastic copywriters who are familiar with a wide variety of industries, so as a starting point, we'll match your content needs to the most suitable writer. Secondly, our proven process, which includes an extensive research phase, means that we're able to produce copy around any topic since we carry out keyword research, competitor analysis and wider reading.

I don't have time for blog writing, can you do it?

We can indeed. Our marketing plans offer a 3-tier approach, all of which include regular monthly blog writing and on-page SEO.

Can Beyond Agency create content for social media?

Yes. We create and publish content on multiple social media channels including LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook. We recommend pairing this with regular blog writing so as to repurpose content across platforms and create consistency.

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