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Logo animation for B2B data company ProspectBase

Brand, website and custom graphics creation for ProspectBase - multichannel ABM solutions provider helping companies target in-market accounts, reach key decision makers and convert more opportunities.


Innovating B2B Lead Generation

ProspectBase is a forward-thinking player in the B2B lead generation market. They specialize in multichannel ABM solutions, focusing on Content Syndication, Advertising, and B2B Data. Their expertise lies in targeting key decision-makers and in-market accounts to boost lead-to-deal conversion rates for their customers.

A Dynamic Image

By developing a distinctive brand that’s like no competitor in their space, we achieved a truly unique brand that sets ProspectBase apart - playful, dynamic and inviting. 

To convey the genuine contact data available to ProspectBase/s clients, we created custom graphics and motion graphics that express real-life data examples and show the process of working together.

We also used statistics and build a custom calculator to enable potential customers to discover just how many contacts in ProspectBase’s database would be available to them!

A Distinctive & Effective Market Entry

The collaboration led to a robust online presence for ProspectBase, setting them apart in the B2B lead generation landscape. 

The dynamic and interactive elements of the website, combined with a clear brand identity, have successfully positioned ProspectBase as a notable and innovative player in their field, ready to make a significant impact in the industry.

Entering a Competitive Arena

ProspectBase was established to address the growing need for tailored (and genuine) lead generation strategies in the B2B sector. 

Their aim was to stand out in a highly competitive market by offering bespoke, effective solutions for businesses seeking to enhance their marketing reach and efficiency. A key USP is their genuine data - verified contact information checked by an in-house team.

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