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JOBI logo - venture capital brand

Jobi Capital is a Venture Capital fund that invests early in disruptive businesses across consumer and lifestyles spaces.


Making Investors Approachable 

JOBI stands as a beacon of innovation in the investment world. Founded with a vision to make investment opportunities more accessible, JOBI has been revolutionizing how individuals interact with investors. 

With a portfolio encompassing consumer brands and experiential spaces, JOBI is not just a venture capital firm; it's a gateway to potential and opportunity.

Crafting a New Identity for JOBI

We recognized the need for a paradigm shift in JOBI’s branding and online presence. Our approach was twofold: humanizing the brand and enhancing digital accessibility. 

We embarked on a journey to craft a human and approachable brand, infusing this into their website and pitch deck to make them more approachable and engaging. Our strategy focused on highlighting JOBI's successful investment projects and their impact, thus showcasing their expertise in a relatable manner. 

JOBI's Brand Transformation

The transformation of JOBI's brand and digital presence marked a significant milestone in their journey. The new, approachable brand identity resonated with a wider audience, effectively making the investment process far less intimidating. 

The new website and pitch deck not only reflected JOBI's professionalism and credibility but also its commitment to accessibility. This rebranding led to an increase in user engagement and a wider acceptance of JOBI as a trusted ally in the investment world. 

From Corporate to Approachable

In an era where sourcing investment is often shrouded in corporate complexity, JOBI was born out of a necessity to humanise the process. 

The challenge lay in transitioning from a traditional, corporate image to a more accessible and inviting brand. This transformation was crucial to align with JOBI's mission: to make investing an achievable reality for a broader audience.

The goal was to maintain their established credibility while breaking down the barriers that often intimidate potential conversations.

"Beyond was a delight to work with - Chris and his team did a fantastic job. Communication and outcome were first-rate!"

Ryan Nelson, Principal, JobiCapital

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