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Targeted Provision


Hyper-localized SEO strategy sees phenomenal increase in Google rankings for this national tuition provider.


Innovating Education with Personalization

Targeted Provision stands as a pioneer in the educational sector, blending their unique tutor matching service with a warm, child-centric approach. 

This innovative company specializes in perfectly aligning each student with a tutor based on their individual needs, including emotional wellbeing, SEND, SEMH, and EAL. 

This commitment to personalized education not only defines their approachability and child-centric philosophy but also sets them apart in the realm of educational services.


Increase in the number of keyword rankings 1 month after launch


Increase in organic traffic volume 1 month after launch


Increase in the number of keyword rankings 6 months after launch

Strategy with a Heart

Beyond Agency recognized the need to bring care and compassion to the forefront of their digital presence, incorporating careful aspects of their brand to create a warm and playful website that still exudes professionalism and expertise.  

More importantly, we clearly communicated their unique ability to perfectly match tutors to students’ individual needs, alongside conveying their work ethos and team culture. 

Our hyper-localized SEO strategy was tailored to facilitate widespread recruitment, decreasing their dependence on traditional advertising and ensuring that the message reached a diverse audience across various regions.

A Beacon for Bespoke Provision

The transformation of Targeted Provision's online presence has been pivotal in showcasing their unique approach to education. 

The new website highlights their USP, and the hyper-localised landing pages have dramatically enhanced online visibility - 90% of location pages rank on page 1 for their targeted location, resulting in a surge in applications from tutors seeking to work them

This has significantly increased their reach and impact, firmly establishing Targeted Provision as leaders in providing tailored educational solutions to a diverse range of students.

Crafting a Niche in a Broad Market

Targeted Provision was conceived with the vision to transform educational engagement, especially for students with diverse and specific needs, and is driven by the desire to transform the educational landscape. 

Their challenge when approaching Beyond was twofold: to effectively communicate their unique service and expertise to target Local Authorities and educational institutions, whilst bringing about a more human element that broadened their national recruitment reach to find the best tutors in all regions of the UK. 

The first step was to evolve from a corporate and flat image to one that radiated personality, encapsulating their genuine care for young people.

The second was to significantly increase national visibility to drive recruitment campaigns without the heavy reliance on external advertising platforms.

"I had a fantastic experience working with Beyond to build our new site. They were insightful, responsive, and consistently met deadlines. Highly recommend!"

Josh Nieboer, Founder, Targeted Provision

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