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Insane growth for home automation and home cinema specialists, Trusted Technology. Local SEO strategy, CRM automation and launch campaign saw incredible boost in qualified leads and revenue generation.


Unlocking Home Automation for Luxury Living

Trusted Technology is a pioneering name in the world of home automation and home entertainment for luxury residential property. 

Born out of a passion for redefining modern living, this company stands as a testament to innovation and excellence. Their commitment to transforming homes into technological marvels makes them a trusted partner for homeowners seeking the epitome of luxury and convenience.


Increase in Google keyword rankings from SEO-driven content strategy


Increase in organic traffic from dominating local SEO


Revenue generation in ONE weekend from strategic launch campaign

Crafting a Luxury Brand Experience Online

Exceptional spaces need exceptional experiences. That’s exactly what we did.

We re-positioned Trusted Technology as the go-to choice in the luxury residential property market for home automation and home cinema solutions. 

Through optimized SEO strategies, compelling content, captivating photography and video, and a bespoke quote calculator tool that fed into an automated lead generation funnel, we streamlined the entire process of bringing qualified leads into the showroom to close more deals.  

Our comprehensive approach ensured that every touchpoint exuded luxury, sophistication, and technological prowess.

Spiking Revenue Generation

Our strategic efforts led to the domination of local search results for home cinema and home automation, cementing Trusted Technology's position as an industry leader. 

The grand launch of their showroom was an overwhelming success, with bookings pouring in 8 weeks in advance, resulting in an astonishing revenue increase of £500K over the opening weekend alone!

The collaboration between Beyond Agency and Trusted Technology has not only transformed their brand but also redefined luxury living for countless homeowners.

Creating a Technological Oasis

Trusted Technology was born from the realisation that modern homeowners deserve a lifestyle that seamlessly integrates cutting-edge technology. 

The founders recognised the need for a company that could turn every residence into a smart haven, where home automation, intelligent lighting design, smart security systems and home cinema solutions harmonise to redefine the living experience. 

This vision drove them to establish Trusted Technology.

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