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Video thumbnails from various industries with VidGrid logo centralised

VidGrid is the place to go for creatives looking for video inspiration, no matter what their niche. Featuring videos from some of the best production companies on the planet, VidGrid has something for everyone.


A Hub of Creative Inspiration

When creating video content, it is easy to get lost scrolling in the world of social media and forget why you visited there in the first place.

We struggled to find a platform that existed where you could source video inspiration without reaching for a social media platform, so we created one...

VidGrid stands out as a unique platform dedicated to sparking creativity and innovation. As an inspiration website, it curates a vast array of video content, ranging from design and art to technology and entrepreneurship. 

VidGrid is the go-to destination for creatives and thinkers seeking a burst of inspiration or a new perspective in their fields.


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A Visionary Approach

Beyond rose to the challenge by crafting a dynamic and engaging Webflow website for VidGrid, leveraging complex multi-filtering functionality to provide the most intuitive user experience - one where visitors can access video content categorised according to different genres, industries, styles and content lengths.

Our focus was on designing a platform that was both visually appealing and functionally seamless, encouraging exploration and discovery. We integrated advanced categorization features and a user-friendly interface to ensure that every visit to VidGrid is a journey of inspiration and creativity.

Cultivating a Community of Inspiration Seekers

The collaboration led to the creation of a vibrant, interactive website that has become a cornerstone for creative minds seeking inspiration.

Since its launch, VidGrid has seen a surge in its user base, with visitors spending more time exploring and engaging with the content - hundreds of creatives sources inspiration for video content every day!

The platform has successfully established itself as a beloved resource for inspiration, fuelling creativity across various industries.

Fostering a Community of Inspiration

VidGrid was born from the need for a centralized, accessible source of high-quality, diverse inspiration. In an era saturated with content, the challenge was to create a space that not only aggregated inspiring videos but also organized them in a way that is intuitive and enriching for its audience.

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