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Multi-language website overhaul for German software logistics company, Codept. Localised SEO reaches new audiences in target regions whilst new identity positions them as a market leader.


Pioneers in Logistics Solutions

Codept stands as a visionary company in the logistics and supply chain sector, committed to revolutionizing the way ecommerce businesses handle their logistics with innovative, technology-driven solutions.

As a leader in their field, Codept offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to optimize logistics operations, ensuring efficiency and reliability for businesses of all sizes.

With a focus on leveraging cutting-edge technology, Codept aims to streamline logistics processes, making them more accessible, manageable, and scalable.

A Tailored Approach for Global Reach

We embarked on a mission to transform Codept's digital presence with a multi-language website, focused on SEO and localization to maximize reach and engagement across global markets.

Recognizing the importance of multi-language integration, we meticulously developed a website that not only speaks to each of Codept's target regions in their own language but also ensures that each version is optimized for local search engines.

This bespoke approach extended to a 12-month content strategy battle plan, curating educational and informative content across German and English to ensure relevance and resonance in each market.

Global Reach, Local Impact

Our collaboration has yielded remarkable outcomes, establishing Codept not only as a beacon of innovation in logistics but also as a model for global digital marketing.

The new website has significantly expanded Codept's online visibility, attracting a broader audience while delivering targeted, localized content that speaks directly to the needs and interests of each region.

This strategic approach has resulted in a measurable increase in leads and engagement, demonstrating the power of combining SEO and localization to achieve global reach with a local impact.

Bridging Gaps in Global Logistics

The inception of Codept was driven by a clear recognition of the complex challenges faced by businesses in managing their logistics and supply chains.

In an increasingly globalized market, companies struggle to navigate the complexities of international logistics, including compliance with local regulations, language barriers, and the need for customized solutions for different markets.

Codept identified the urgent need for a more integrated, flexible approach to logistics management that could adapt to the diverse requirements of global businesses, aiming to provide seamless, efficient solutions that could scale alongside their clients' growth.

"We at Codept are very satisfied by the work that Beyond is delivering. If you are looking for an agency that can perfectly deliver the web development services you are asking for, Beyond is the company you should choose!"

Marie, Business Development, Codept

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