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Heart shaped branded logo for designed for CookUp by a marketing agency

Comprehensive multi-language digital strategy for Morocco based start-up, CookUp - visual transformation plus lead generation strategy and CRM implementation has ignited sign-ups and subscriptions!


Revolutionizing Morocco’s Home Cooking Scene

CookUp is a dynamic and innovative online platform designed to transform the culinary experience. 

Specializing in personalised nutrition and video recipes delivered by renowned cooks and celebrity chefs, CookUp connects food enthusiasts with new flavours to encourage healthy cooking at home.

More than just a recipe hub, CookUp provides intelligent meal recommendations tailored to each member's dietary needs, allergies, and preferences, essentially bringing the expertise of a personal dietician to everyone's fingertips.


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Pre-launch subscribers



Spicing Things Up with Beyond

The journey began with brand evolution - or should we say revolution. The original brand was dull and uninspiring so we transformed CookUp into a colourful, inviting presence, resembling the flavours of the recipes in their platform.

Next came their website - initially a single landing page to capture wait list subscribers for their pre-launch campaign, and they flocked in their hundreds! 

A key aspect was the implementation of a comprehensive CRM system, integrated with tailored email and SMS marketing campaigns to encourage subscriptions.

Targeted advertising campaigns on Facebook and Google have since reached a wider audience, complemented by appealing offers and content, driving potential customers into a well-oiled lead generation funnel. 

We‘ve encompassed every aspect of digital marketing and operations; website, organic social media, targeted Facebook and Google Ads, and the production of captivating video tutorials and guides that ensure users can navigate the platform with ease.

What's more, we did it all in English and French to cover their local and international audiences.

A Recipe for Success

The digital strategy concocted by Beyond Agency has proved to be a resounding success for CookUp. 

Even before the official launch, the platform witnessed hundreds of sign-ups for its waitlist, indicating a high level of anticipation and interest. 

Post-launch, CookUp experienced a significant surge in platform subscriptions, a testament to the effective marketing and operational strategies implemented.

Stirring Up the Culinary World

The inception of CookUp was driven by the need to bridge the gap between the busy lifestyles of Moroccan mums and the cultural expectation to prepare delicious, home-cooked food every day for the family.

In a fast-paced world where dietary needs are diverse and often complex, there was a pressing need for a platform that could cater to individual nutritional requirements while keeping the joy of cooking alive. 

CookUp brings inspiration through delicious dishes and through clever automations, it provides full shopping lists in an instant, catering exactly to the needs of every family member in the platform, adapting to the unique health and dietary preferences of each user.

CookUp makes healthy cooking accessible and enjoyable.

"I love this agency, they give insightful and experienced proposition and feedback and they are very reactive. They really have an added value for our new brand launch, thank you so much for that."

Siham, Marketing Manager, CookUp

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