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As the cryptocurrency market has grown, so has the need for automated trading - Coinflo does exactly that!


Pioneering the Future of Digital Trading

Coinflo stands at the forefront of automated cryptocurrency trading, offering a sophisticated platform that seamlessly blends advanced technology with user-centric design. Coinflo is an innovative solution that eliminates emotional and frictional barriers in trading - by leveraging complex algorithms customizable to individual risk tolerance, Coinflo ensures optimal returns aligned with each user's investment strategy.

Crafting a Digital Revolution

Beyond Agency transformed Coinflo's vision into a tangible reality. We developed a comprehensive brand strategy, encompassing a sleek, modern website landing page and dynamic marketing collateral tailored for impact amongst both VC investors of Coinflo and platform end users.

A New Fintech Horizon

The new brand identity resonated powerfully with the target audience, leading to increased user engagement and a significant growth in platform sign-ups and our strategic marketing efforts amplified Coinflo's visibility, establishing it as a thought leader in the digital currency space.

You can try checking out the website, but for now, it's invite-only, so you'll need a secret access code...

Keep checking back - we'll be allowed to share it soon!

Transforming Crypto Trading Dynamics

The genesis of Coinflo stemmed from an unaddressed challenge in the cryptocurrency market: the need for a system that automates trading decisions, minimizing the impact of human emotion and errors. 

Recognizing the volatility and complexity inherent in crypto trading, Coinflo’s intelligent, algorithm-driven platform empowers both novice and experienced traders to maximize their returns without the stress of constant market monitoring.

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