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Luxury commercial property fitout CGI of board room

Configure accelerates the letting process for landlords and agents, reducing vacancy rates, halving void period, and de-risking CapEx. We partnered with them to refresh their brand identity, overhaul their platform UI and up their game to effectively target their audience.


Revolutionizing Office Space Letting

Configure London: Pioneers in Modern Office Space Solutions. 

At the heart of London's bustling commercial real estate sector, Configure London is redefining how office spaces are marketed and leased. 

Specializing in offering innovative solutions, they connect tenants directly with office spaces, streamlining the process for landlords. Their unique approach eliminates the need for costly physical fit-outs of show suites or entire floors, by leveraging cutting-edge technology to present spaces in a compelling, cost-effective manner.

Beyond Agency's Digital Mastery

In line with Configure's ambitious vision, Beyond Agency executed a comprehensive digital strategy. We reimagined their brand to align with their innovative approach, developing a state-of-the-art website and user interface that mirrors the sophistication of their services.

Our team created engaging social media content and implemented a focused email marketing and SEO strategy to boost visibility. We showcased Configure London's unique CGI generation, 3D/360-degree renders, and floor plan creation services through video production, platform demos and building highlights.

A Paradigm Shift in Commercial Leasing

The result for Configure marked a transformative shift in commercial real estate leasing. Following the initial phase of our collaboration, Configure experienced a surge in engagement from landlords and tenants, owing to increased Google visibility and social media presence.

Configure’s enhanced digital presence now accurately conveys their innovative services, significantly reducing the time and cost associated with traditional office space letting and resulting in fantastic feedback from landlords and tenants who are appreciative of the streamlined, cost-effective solution. 

Configure has not only elevated its image but has also set a new standard in office space leasing. 

Redefining Commercial Space Letting

Recognizing the challenges landlords faced in preparing and presenting properties, and the difficulties tenants experienced in visualizing potential workspaces, Configure London envisioned a streamlined, tech-driven solution. 

Configure London emerged to tackle the inefficiencies and high costs associated with traditional commercial space letting, replacing £ millions fit outs with photo-realistic CGIs, 3D floor plans and 360 degree renders.

They aimed to transform the industry by introducing a more efficient, economical, and engaging way to connect office spaces with prospective tenants.

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