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PPC Campaigns

PPC, or Pay-per-Click, could give you the edge you need to boost traffic, leads, conversions and revenue.

Platforms such as Google and Facebook offer this form of advertisement, which can be a highly effective strategy when it comes to driving more traffic to a landing page - note we said landing page, most definitely NOT your homepage!

It's a great way to boost your brand exposure and reach your audience immediately.

Data-driven results

No two PPC campaigns are the same, that's why we create bespoke ads to help organisations of all sizes meet their business goals.

By monitoring and optimising campaigns, we deliver data-focused results, refining them over time to squeeze the most out of your ad spend.  

More than PPC

PPC is an important aspect of digital marketing, but it shouldn't be jumped into lightly. PPC can boost your presence but only when combined with effective, full-funnel strategies such as landing pages, email campaigns and lead magnets.

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Our approach

The 3 Pillars of PPC

PPC is often attributed to being a solution for 'overnight success', this isn't the case! Our strategic approach to PPC ensures you get the most out of your ad spend as we monitor and refine your ad campaigns.

Long-term solution

Many people approach PPC as a 'quick-win'. Unfortunately, no such thing exists! PPC, like SEO, needs refining over time. It requires the same level of keyword research and competitor analysis.

Integrated approach

PPC will never be effective if done in isolation. It should be the last step in a carefully crafted marketing funnel, so as to unify multiple aspects of digital marketing. The biggest error we see when on-boarding new clients is that they have invested in PPC only to simply waste money by sending people to poorly optimised pages with no opportunities to convert or retarget.

Sustainable growth

Over time, we optimise campaigns to reduce your cost per lead (CPL) and cost per acquisition (CPA) and by running awareness campaigns alongside sales campaigns we create a more sustainable paid advertising channel.


Why should I use Beyond for my PPC?

We understand that a 'one-size fits all' approach just doesn't work when it comes to PPC. A successful PPC strategy is one that is built in line with your business goals and only implemented when the time is right - it should be the last piece of the marketing funnel jigsaw.

What results can I expect from PPC?

PPC results are campaign dependent and client specific. With such a high number of variables, our PPC campaigns are reviewed and refined regularly to optimise your ad spend and ultimately bring more bang for your buck over time!

What platforms do you do PPC on?

For most clients, we tend to focus on the key platforms of Google and Facebook, but can advertise on a variety of platforms depending on which are relevant to your business.

How do you track PPC progress?

We report on metrics which may vary depending on the type of campaign we are running for you. For example, we can monitor impressions, clicks, bounce rate and website traffic for brand awareness campaigns, whilst for lead generation campaigns we would focus on more tangible metrics such as leads and conversions.

Can I do PPC myself?

The short answer: yes. Google Ads allows anybody to access and create PPC campaigns, however, to execute a fine-tuned strategic approach, you will need to enter the platform's expert mode which has become so expansive that expert guidance is a must when it comes to allocating your budget.

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