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Copper Tax is helping small businesses and entrepreneurs better understand the current UK tax system. Whether you work in manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, engineering or software development, you're the expert in your industry and Claire at Copper Tax is the expert in claiming R&D tax relief.


Empowering Financial Futures

Claire, the visionary behind Copper Tax, recognized a gap in the small business taxation landscape. Her firm, Copper Tax, emerged over a decade ago as a beacon of clarity and efficiency in a field often clouded by complexity. 

With a mission to simplify R&D tax and empower clients with knowledge, Copper Tax stands out as a pioneer in personalized, transparent tax services tailored to individual needs and business aspirations.


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Increase in LinkedIn Visibility


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Strategies by Copper Tax

We embarked on a comprehensive journey with Copper Tax, weaving a narrative that resonated with Claire’s ethos. Our holistic approach encompassed brand evolution, website creation, and a suite of marketing collateral that spanned LinkedIn, downloadable assets, and targeted Google Ads, driving both leads and deals. 

We focused on crafting a brand that echoed Claire’s commitment to simplicity and transparency, ensuring every touchpoint with clients was informative, engaging and reassuring.

A Testament to Effective Branding & Marketing

The enhanced brand identity and wealth of educational content we created significantly elevated Copper Tax's visibility and appeal. 

The comprehensive marketing strategy led to increased client engagement and acquisition from #1 rankings on Google and effective media buying. Copper Tax is now a recognized and trusted name in the R&D tax sector, synonymous with reliability, expertise and unparalleled customer service.

Redefining R&D Tax Services

The inception of Copper Tax was driven by a crucial need: to demystify the convoluted world of taxes for business owners. Clients struggled with navigating the labyrinth of tax regulations, often feeling overwhelmed and underserved. 

This challenge was not just about offering tax services but about revolutionizing the experience - making it accessible, understandable and user-friendly for all.

"An exceptionally talented and joined up team that translated my aspirations into an outstanding website that completely exceeded my expectations! "

Claire, Director

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