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Website Hosting & Maintenance

One of the most under-rated aspects of a website is hosting and maintenance. The difference between a good hosting provider and a great hosting provider has significant impacts on website speed and performance - important ranking factors in Google's eyes.

Our servers ensure super-fast load times, giving your website visitors the best possible experience. In a world where impatience is growing, every second over 2 decreases your chances of conversion - we humans want everything yesterday, so hanging around 10 seconds for a webpage to load just isn't a thing in this day and age. Slow-loading sites lose you custom.

Leaving your site in our hands not only guarantees great performance, it also ensures your site is technically robust as we manage and maintain your website's security, frequently updating our server so that it performs at optimum capacity.

Ongoing Support

Since a website should never sit stagnant, our industry-leading aftercare means we'll always be on-hand for any updates you need.

Your website will naturally grow and evolve with your organisation, so whether you require content updates, additional pages or design amends, our aftercare plans give you the flexibility to request changes as and when you need them.

Our aftercare pans are only available to clients who host their websites with us as we assume complete responsibility for your site and require constant access to it via our servers.

There are no scary contracts, just a simple upfront payment for a block of 10, 20 or 40 hours. We track and monitor our time, provide frequent time reports and let you know when your block of aftercare is close to running out. Simply renew when your time has run out. Website updates made easy, like the Pay as You Go SIM cards of 2008!

Our promise

3 core pillars of website hosting


HTTPS is an absolute must. Our hosting automatically applies a security certificate to your website, showing Google and your users that it's a safe and trustworthy site to browse.


Lightning-fast hosting ensures the best possible website experience - gone are the days of 10-second page loads!


Our servers guarantee 99.9% uptime, taking care of your online business round the clock.


Where do you host my website?

We only use the best! Amazon Web Servers. This provides lightning-fast performance with 99.9% uptime, giving you peace of mind that your website will always be accessible and performing at its maximum capacity.

How much does website hosting cost?

Our web hosting starts at £55 per month and includes performance and security updates, management and monitoring. For websites with particularly high traffic or for those with ecommerce integrations, you can expect to pay a slightly higher fee.

Can I host my website myself?

You can, but be aware that in doing so, you'll become solely responsible for the upkeep, management and monitoring of your site. Our aftercare plans are also only available to customers who host with us as we need constant access to your website and to be confident that no-one else has tampered with it.

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