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Phillip Adcock presenting in a workshop

Incredible increase in online exposure for Adcock Solutions. Trebling website traffic and reaching a 40% conversion rate has driven brand awareness to a new level for leading consumer psychologist, Phillip Adcock.


Revolutionizing Marketing with Psychology

Adcock Solutions, with over 3 decades of expertise, stands at the forefront of integrating pioneering psychology research with retail marketing strategies. They empower brands to amplify their in-store and online revenue by harnessing the power of consumer psychology and behavioural science.


rankings for keywords


increase in organic website traffic


conversion rate

Strategic Digital Enhancement

Our focus was to align the website with Phil's core values: sharing knowledge, offering insight, and building trust. 

We adopted a multi-faceted strategy to augment Phil's online visibility. Our approach included thorough competitor research, keyword analysis to position Adcock Solutions as a sector authority, and crafting a comprehensive marketing funnel. 

This funnel meticulously mapped the customer journey from initial awareness to decisive action, integrating landing pages, lead magnets, content creation, process automation, social media engagement, and performance tracking.

Remarkable Growth & Online Impact

The result was a dramatic surge in Adcock Solutions' online presence. Initially, a mere 4% of website traffic stemmed from organic searches, restricting visibility to already familiar audiences. 

However, with 24 months of an aggressive SEO strategy, organic traffic soared by over 4000%, propelled by featured snippets on Google and multiple keywords securing top rankings. This transformative journey significantly enhanced Adcock Solutions' digital footprint and industry influence.

The Visibility Challenge

Despite Adcock Solutions' significant impact and collaborations with global giants like McVities, GoAhead!, and Stella Artois, their industry presence remained under the radar.

Our goal was to elevate Philip Adcock, the Managing Director, and his niche in consumer research to industry prominence. In October 2019, we began working with Phil when he sought our expertise for digital marketing to boost brand awareness and ignite discussions on evolving retail habits.

“From the moment we started working together, Chris has been professional, genuine and listened to my needs. Most importantly, we are seeing the results.”

Phillip Adcock, Managing Director, Adcock Solutions

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