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We like to put our team on the spot, so here's Emma's' hot-seat responses!

Where did it all begin?

I've has always been a writer at heart. When I was younger I used to write stories and poems all the time - one even got published in the Young Writers Power of Poetry book - cue proud mum moment!

I'm a grammar nerd and strive for perfectionism. Being a polyglot probably helps as I understand the ins and outs of languages - I speak French fluently, Spanish with intermediate proficiency and I can sell you a beach towel with Mickey Mouse's face on it in Italian! (I worked at Disneyland Paris during my year abroad at university).

After graduation, I became a qualified English teacher, going on to try my utmost to instil perfect grammar in our future generations before turning my hand to freelance copywriting 5 years later, working with numerous creative agencies and international brands. It felt like a natural progression to found Beyond with Chris in 2019, heading up content and SEO.

What are you passionate about?

Travel. I absolutely LOVE exploring new countries, trying new food and immersing myself in different cultures. 🌎

Tell us about a goal you'd like to achieve

I want to travel across Europe in a Volkswagen campervan, sleeping in the pop-out roof so I can wake up with the best views! Countries on the hit-list: Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Italy and Switzerland (again).

We're big fans of seeing the world - what's the best place you've visited?

Zanzibar. The island was like paradise! 🏝️

What's your favourite food?

I don't think it's possible to answer this! I live for food.

What are you reading/watching/learning?

I'm a big fan of a podcast called The Property Hub. I've listened to Rob & Rob for years now and their advice helped me first get on the property ladder as an investor.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself

I've climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. In 2013, I joined my university's RAG society, fundraising over £2.5K for The Meningitis Research Foundation with my Summit Trek expedition. An experience I'll never forget and one I'd love to do again. ⛰️

Personal tagline?

"Have courage and be kind" - Cinderella

Soundtrack to life!
"Have courage and be kind"

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