No Pitch Club
No Pitch Club

Rethink the World of Pitching

No Pitch Club empowers creatives to ditch the pitch! We're proud to have created such an inspiring initiative and stand firm as a No Pitch Agency ourselves!

No Pitch Club
No Pitch Club
No Pitch Club

The Client

In no other industry would a client expect work for free upfront to ascertain whether they'd like to use a service provider, let alone use that work to compare them to others before choosing one and sacking off the rest!

Imagine asking 5 electricians to each wire a light-fitting before choosing one to do the rest of your house and leaving the remaining 4 feeling deflated, rejected and ultimately, and out-of-pocket.

That's exactly what happens to designers and agencies across the globe - the dreaded world of pitching.

No Pitch Club is all about supporting creatives in saying no to pitching.

The Challenge

The creative industry is massively undervalued and it's time that agencies and freelancers alike realise their worth and stop doing work for free in order to prove their ability!

No Pitch Club is about creating a movement in the creative space that connects individuals and agencies, empowering them to 'Ditch the Pitch'.

Our Approach

We created a vibrant, impactful brand that screams bold, daring and brave. Brave to say No!

Encapsulating the community aspect of No Pitch Club, we created a sticker pack for members to use across social media, a guide on how to ditch the pitch and a members badge for No Pitch partners to proudly display on their website.

The Results

No Pitch Club saw instant attention, particularly amongst the Webflow community where we launched the initiative.

In the first week, we had 86 members sign up, growing to 122 just 2 weeks in.

We continue to empower and inspire our community of talented creatives!

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Ditch the Pitch
No Pitch Club

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