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Jobi Capital

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Jobi Capital is an early-stage Venture Capital fund that invests early in disruptive businesses that help consumers shop smarter, be healthier and live better.

Jobi Capital
Jobi Capital
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Jobi Capital

The Client

Based in New York, Jobi Capital faces a competitive marketplace for early-stage capital fund investors.

The Challenge

As a start-up, Jobi Capital had limited funds to get themselves out into the digital world but still needed a concise, clear and simple website that effectively outlined what the company does.

Our Approach

We crafted a one-page website to showcase Jobi Capital's role in the investor industry and to introduce website visitors to the key stakeholders.

The Result

A professional, responsive and effective website

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Asserting expertise in a competitive New York market.
"Beyond was a delight to work with - Chris and his team did a fantastic job. Communication and outcome were first rate!"

Ryan Nelson
Principal - JobiCapital

Jobi Capital

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