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Clarifying R&D Tax Relief for All

Copper Tax is helping small businesses and entrepreneurs better understand the current UK tax system. Whether you work in manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, engineering or software development, you're the expert in your industry and Claire at Copper Tax is the expert in claiming R&D tax relief.

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Copper Tax
Copper Tax

The Client

Claire is a chartered tax adviser with over 20 years of experience working in corporate tax. She specialises in R&D tax relief and began Copper Tax to help people get the most out of their R&D tax relief claim, no matter what industry they specialise in.

The Challenge

Claire wanted to create a personal website for her business that enhanced her brand and elevated her perception. With a desire to make R&D tax more accessible and less corporate, she wanted a website that reflected her personable yet professional demeanour when dealing with tax.

Our Approach

We worked closely with Claire to establish her buyer personas and key industries, with particular emphasis on her long-term goals and what aspects of her online presence she wanted to grow.

Given that we were building from the ground up - no previous website, no social media channels, no content - we needed a strong plan of attack!

The Results

A website which is professional but fun and appeals to people working in different industries. Not to mention, an incredible hub of informative, educational content that we co-wrote with Claire to boost her credibility and online presence.

Over a 12 month period, we worked consistently on SEO, content writing, video production, social media and paid ads to raise Claire's profile, building a bank of resources and digital downloads that potential clients (and peers) compliment and use on a daily basis as a source of truth and guidance in the world of R&D tax.

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Explain. Advise. Communicate. Assure. Guide. Lead. Support. Report.

An exceptionally talented and joined up team that translated my aspirations into an outstanding website that completely exceeded my expectations!

Claire - Director

Copper Tax

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