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Why You Should Hire a Digital Marketing Agency

Did you know that, at the start of 2020, there were over 5 million small businesses operating in the UK? These businesses made up 99.3% of total businesses in the UK.

Now more than ever, with so many small businesses operating in the UK, it’s important to implement the right marketing strategies. Otherwise, your business could be unnoticed by potential customers.

If you’re a marketing director or executive who’s been thinking of your business’s marketing efforts recently, you may have asked yourself the question: “Why hire a marketing agency?”

On the one hand, hiring a marketing agency is a cost you have to consider. On the other hand, there are many benefits of hiring one.

As a result, you may not be sure about whether it's right for you...

That’s why we’ve put together this article. In it, we’ll go through all the benefits of hiring a marketing agency. That way, you can learn why doing this is better than doing all your marketing yourself.

Why hire a marketing agency?

One of the reasons why you should hire a marketing agency is that you’ll be working with true experts. Marketing agencies have a ton of experience and are experts at identifying your potential customers, building your brand, and improving your online presence.

These true experts are doing marketing work day in and day out. They will work 24/7 to get your brand out there.

When you run your own marketing team, you have to come up with your entire marketing strategy yourself.

Then, you have to train your team members, helping them improve at marketing skills such as PR, content creation, and social media management.

But there may be a part of you that wonders: “Are we really doing the best we can?”

When you’re working with a digital marketing agency, you can rest assured knowing that the experts you’ve hired have thought about every single part of the marketing process.

They’ll know exactly what strategies are needed for your business’s marketing to be the best it can be.

Additionally, if you work with an agency that has served clients in your niche before, they’ll be experts both in marketing and in your industry.

Access to full-stack skills

Another reason why you should hire a digital marketing agency is that you’ll have access to full-stack skills. Instead of having to employ ten different people with individual skills, you’ll have an entire dedicated team with combined skills helping you.

This has two benefits. For one thing, everyone handling every single aspect of marketing—from logo design to content creation—will be working together.

As a result, every single piece of marketing that goes out there will feel like the same person created it.

When it comes to building a brand that is consistent (and that clients will come to trust), this is one of the most effective ways you can be sure this happens.

Additionally, the amount of knowledge they have is extraordinary. Each individual will have their own skills that, as a whole, provide you with all the marketing expertise needed to power your marketing.

These skills include copywriting, social media management, SEO optimisation, website development, graphic design, and much more.

If you were to hire an entire team to manage each of these elements of marketing, you would have to bring on a great number of people.

When you hire a marketing or digital marketing agency, these experts with all their skills are simply ready to go.

Faster production than an internal team

If you’re wondering, “Why hire a digital marketing agency?” one of the reasons is that the production rate is faster with one than with an internal team. There are several reasons for this. First of all, they have done it all before.

They don’t have to start from scratch. They have so much experience already, that the moment they meet with you, they’ll know where your marketing is working and where it isn’t.

They’ll be able to immediately pinpoint what needs to change so your marketing efforts improve.

Additionally, an agency will have many processes already set in place for how they approach these changes.

They’ll also know which processes work best within your industry. As a result, they’ll be able to implement these processes right away.

An agency will also have all the resources they need at their fingerprints.

You won’t have to worry about getting the right social media planning software or figuring out which website builder is best for you. They’ll handle it all, and handle it fast.

Also, because of the size of the team at a marketing agency, made of experts who have all the skills needed, production will be faster. There won’t be any training required as there would be with your internal team.

Finally, because the team at an agency has worked together for so long, they work with each other effectively already. This will also speed up the production of your marketing materials.

Brings a strategic approach

One of the answers to the question, “Why work with a marketing agency?” is that it will bring a strategic approach to your marketing efforts. If you’ve been struggling to get your business out there, an agency can help you by creating a whole strategic approach.

First, they’ll audit your marketing efforts. Then, they’ll sit with you and talk about the different goals you have for your business. They’ll ask questions such as:

Do you want more customers? Do you want to make a certain amount of money by the end of the year? Do you want to become an authority in your industry?

Then, they’ll create a long-term strategy with you on how to reach these goals. This strategy will include monthly, quarterly, and annual goals.

They will also manage all the different aspects of marketing with these goals in mind, such as targeting a specific customer, improving your social content, growing your email list, improving your website’s UX and more.

Additionally, a marketing agency will break up these goals into milestones and tasks that are achievable and improve your marketing efforts over time. They will assign each of these goals to different people on their team.

They will also check in with you consistently, to ensure that the strategy you have put together with them is working. If any changes are needed, the agency will implement them seamlessly.

After you have worked with the agency for some time, you’ll start to see the streamlined results of their strategic approach, from improved SEO in blog posts to a great influx of new customers.

Because they’ve done this so many times before, the results will be impressive.

Convenient if you're time poor (or your team isn't big enough)

When you’re running your own business, there’s so much you have to take care of in addition to marketing. You’re getting funding for different initiatives, closing sales, and handling your business’s cash flow. You’re also in charge of managing your entire team.

Especially if you’re running a new business, it can feel like you don’t have time to sit down and focus on marketing. You might be able to make some efforts here and there, but, generally speaking, it can feel overwhelming.

An answer to the question “Why should your business be hiring a digital marketing agency?” is that it’s the right solution if you’re time-poor.

An agency team will take on all the marketing work required so that you don’t have to.

You won’t have to worry about updating your website or changing your customer persona when your customer demographic shifts.

Additionally, if your team isn’t big enough to handle all the demands of implementing a full-on marketing strategy, there’s no need for you to feel like you’re giving your team too many tasks that take too long to complete.

With a marketing agency, your team can focus on other tasks instead, making your business more effective.

Cheaper than employing someone with the same vast skillset

If you’ve been thinking of hiring a marketing agency, then perhaps you’ve also thought of hiring someone who has the same skills as an agency's team. You may have thought of hiring an Executive Marketing Manager at your business.

However, hiring someone for this role will cost you far more than hiring a marketing agency—in more than one way.

Lost time

First of all, you will lose precious time. Before an Executive Marketing Manager joins your team, you will have to go through the arduous process of finding the right candidate for the role. You will spend hours drafting the job advert.

After this, you’ll have to sift through all the applications, interview candidates, and start sending out job offers. Some candidates may say no; others may negotiate with you for a higher salary.

Even once you’ve hired someone for the role, they could decide it’s not for them—after which you’d have to start the hiring process all over again.

If you’re unhappy with their work or they simply aren’t the right fit for your company, the same will happen.

During this entire process, you’re not only wasting your time but also spending months focusing on hiring whilst your marketing efforts are not as strong as they could be.

Lost money

Hiring a new team member can also be incredibly costly. If you’re paying your new Executive Marketing Manager a full-time salary, you’ll likely also have to provide benefits, as well as technology such as a new laptop. This all adds up.

If you choose to hire this Executive Marketing Manager on a contract basis, you’ll risk not getting all of their attention. They will feel that their efforts must be shared between your marketing strategy and other clients’.

By hiring a marketing agency, you’ll save money. This type of agency will have specific fees that they charge for specific services.

They’ll be transparent about the different fees they charge, and they’ll also be happy to work with you to find the right payment plan.

Lost effort

When you hire an Executive Marketing Manager, even though they’re an expert in their field, you will still have to train them to understand how things are done at your business. You also might find that there are additional marketing skills they need to learn.

With a marketing agency, you won’t come across these problems. They have a large amount of experience with different clients, which means they’ll know how to adapt to your business’s needs.

Additionally, they won’t be lacking in any marketing skills. In fact, instead of you training them, they can help you understand a bit more about how to implement marketing in the day-to-day running of your business.

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