Saicho Drinks
Saicho Drinks

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Incredible ecommerce growth for Saicho Drinks who launched their premium range of sparkling cold-brew teas into the luxury soft drinks industry. A delicious alternative to a glass of bubbly!

Saicho Drinks
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Saicho Drinks
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Saicho Drinks

The Client

Saicho Drinks, founded in 2019 by Charlie and Natalie, allows those who don't drink alcohol to experience the joys of food and 'wine' pairing. Turning to cold-brew sparkling tea was a no-brainer for the pair given their love of a good cuppa!

There are such an incredible variety of teas, and after two years of testing hundreds of different teas from around the world, they chose their first three, carefully selected to pair well with food.

Each tea is cold brewed for twenty four hours to extract the most delicate and complex flavours from the tea leaves, then finely balanced with a hint of sweetness and a dash of acidity. As a finishing touch, sparkling the drink enhances the flavour.

The Challenge

As a brand new product, Saicho Drinks needed to establish their place in the market.

At the time of planning their online strategy, the teas were not in a position to be sold, so Charlie and Natalie needed a web partner who would scale with them as their  business grew and expanded into new markets.

They wanted to focus their efforts on brand awareness until Saicho's range of sparkling teas were ready to bring to market, which meant we needed a phased approach to developing an eCommerce website.

Our Approach

Following Threerooms' beautiful product branding, Beyond designed and developed a small, stunning website in September 2019 so that Charlie and Natalie had a place to showcase their beautiful product.

Prior to launch, our content and SEO strategist ensured the website was optimised for search, resulting in 5 keywords appearing on the first page of Google which account for 98% of all organic traffic.

In January 2020, we completed phase 2 of the website, by implementing eCommerce functionality so that Saicho Sparkling Tea could be purchased online.

A few months later came the addition of dynamic content so that Charlie and Natalie could begin sharing regular content in the form of blogs, to share recipes and insights that would ultimately drive more traffic to the site.

The Results

Saicho Drinks has exploded into the luxury drinks industry, trebling sales in 12 months and expanding into 2 continents.

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From idea to global start-up in 6 months!
Saicho Drinks

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