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As the cryptocurrency market has grown, so has the need for automated trading - Coinflo does exactly that!


The Client

Cryptocurrency over the years has seen more and more attention, but in 2020, as millions more traders looked for alternatives to the traditional stock market following the 'Covid Crash', there was incredible growth in both user base and market cap.

With crypto trading being notoriously complex to navigate, Coinflo was created to automate the crypto trading process... it's plug-and-play trading solution makes trading possible 24/7, using an intelligent algorithm that relieves the stresses and pressure of manual trading.

We, for one, are big fans!

The Challenge

As the cryptocurrency market has seen immense growth, we needed to create a website that felt unique and stand-out from the crowd. Our client wanted transparency in potential returns and simplicity for the end-user.

Our Approach

We worked closely to create bespoke illustrations and an interactive website that's easy to navigate; a key reflection of the ease of Coinflo's API.

The Results

An engaging website to be used as a core marketing tool - you can try checking out the website, but for now, it's invite-only, so you'll need a secret access code...

Keep checking back - we'll be allowed to share it soon!

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