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Our workshops are dedicated, intensive, collaborative sessions that help you and your team bridge the gap between vision, strategy, and execution.

Beyond Agency Client Meeting
Digital Discovery

Aligning expectations is key. We start every project with our Discovery workshop to understand the vision and mission of your organisation, your audience, your offerings and what makes you different.

A Story to Tell

Explore how to communicate with your audience, understanding their frustrations, needs and wants. In this workshop, we define how best to ‘speak’ to potential clients - should you use playful language? Or a serious tone? And what exactly does your audience want to know?

A story to tell, content creation workshop
Beyond Workshop

Your brand is not just your logo! The Visionboard Workshop looks at all aspects of design. From colour to composition, imagery to iconography, the outcomes of this workshop help craft a powerful, consistent and unique brand.

Website Workshop

A good website offers a great user experience. In this workshop, we review your existing website,   considering how to optimise the user journey. We outline a new page hierarchy, information architechture, call-to-actions and navigation.

Team workshops
Digital Marketing Workshops
Marketing Part 1
Digital Marketing

Together, we will outline bespoke solutions to grow your business online, creating a unique landscape to streamline your marketing activities. Partner with us for ongoing support and we’ll implement our 12-month marketing plan.

Marketing Part 2
Leading Digital Transformation

Stay one step ahead of the game with up and coming marketing strategies to keep your audience engaged. This intensive session is design to accelerate your knowledge of digital marketing and highlight opportunities for you and your team.

Leading Digital Transformation
Customer Optimisation
Shopper Psychology
Customer Optimisation

You have the fundamentals in place, but how do you get attention and growth? How do you build a great customer experience that keeps people coming back for more?  We take things one step further and look at brand loyalty and advocacy.

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