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 to have shared amazing experiences with awesome clients and 


 for how 2021 turned out in the midst of a pandemic!

January 2021

Beyond reports over 200% growth in revenue from year 1-2!

March 2021

Beyond’s full-time team expands.

April 2021

Barnardo’s becomes a Beyond client. One of the UK’s largest charities.

May 2021

Beyond Merch drops.

June 2021

Beyond announces we are accepting payments in Cryptocurrency.

July 2021

We hire our first full-time Webflow Wizard. Read about his experience.

September 2021

Beyond begins to trial a 4-day workweek. Find out why.

October 2021

We expand our services to offer video production.

October 2021

Beyond invests in an exciting new venture. Lips are sealed, for now!

Beyond Agency award-winning agency

November 2021

Beyond becomes an award-winning Digital Marketing Agency.

November 2021

The Beyond team trebles in size.

December 2021

32 websites built in Webflow this year.

We're eager to make more impact in the year and years ahead. 2022 has some exciting projects lined up and ambitious goals!

Big thank you to everyone who has made Beyond what it is today.

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